Behen Ko Banaya :: 2016 Rishton Mein Chudai

i am looking like a sexy hot muscular boy and having height 6ft. my aim was to be a great model. so i regularly doing gym and look like a blue film hero. this is not only my opinion about my figure but also some of person and friends obey it . but i was a shying boy. so never proposed a girl in my school or college life but my sexual wanting had been starting since too young. so i was watching girls and females and using masturbation process for relax. but this process was good till i read up to after i joined in my mind wanted a real i searched some new process.

at that time i saw so many sexy girls in college but i had not courage to talk . so i searched some website like sex chat or some like that but i get a new site like ISS. i have seen lots of stories there which was new for me at that time. but i enjoyed those incest stories. so i started my masturbation process by thinking my bhabis and then sisters then aunties.always i got new enjoyment . but this also became old after 2 years.

Then i got another website which was also was good . I got free video-sex chat site and was watching incest stories . so at a time i was masturbating and searching a real girl for real fuck. but who knows a good luck would come for me.

That same site was always used by my own sister riya. we had 2 laptop because my sister was also in second year at that time. though i was using this site she was also watching me at that time secretly in her room . i was in naked position and was doing so many sexy poses because many girls want to see me and may i got a chance for real. so so many girls was attracted by me and sent so many comments but who knows my own sister became once my fan.

She was observed me nearly 3 to 4 months. but i did not know. once she gave her secret number to me on that site. i became happy and called her. we had done telephonic sex for one month. always i want convinced her for real meet but once i became success.

She gave me one time that was Friday at 11 am in a hotel (Venus inn) . i became happy and i wait for that moment with much excitement. wen that time cam i had gone with good stile and booked a room. then i called her and she told just for 15 minute. then after 20 minute doorbell rang. my heart beat ran fast. i opened the door and i shocked. i saw my sister with sexy dress and became nervous. but she came fast inner to the room and locked the door.

She asked me “what are you doing here. do u know that girl is my friend who sent me here to know about you.” i feared and could not say anything. then after 2 minutes she laughed and told “don’t worry . my brother became so manly, i impressed.” i asked what you saying i could not understand.

Then she told “do not be act like a good boy . i knew all about you and your site and your incest sex reading story habit. i saw from your browsing history and got stories like how brother sister fucks. then i started following you in this site. now you act like good boy who do not know anything .now i attracted to you”

Then a little bit smile came from my mouth and i asked if you marked me then why till date you were silent. do u know so many time i masturbated thinking you and you are my dream girl. she smiled and told why you did not say to me about it till now. i told shy and fear was around me. i was also like that. then i on my laptop and show her a video of “bhai behen ki mast chudai”. she asked me brother is it real video or story just to attract incest lovers. i told i don’t know but some of them are true.

Then i put her on bed and sleep on her . i felt a current in between my to legs because it was my first touch to a girl.her body became hot and mine also because we did not know that were we doing right or wrong. she became nervous and asked “brother shall we doing right?” i told what ever may be but no one know it and we both want and secrecy is there . so do not worry. then she asked if some problem will come. i told don’t worry.

We were talking like that but i was moving my hip up and down and she also. then i opened her t-shirt saw a pink bra on white body. i was in so excitement suddenly put out that also. then bite her nipples and boobs. she loud ahhh.. please slow .then i put out her Scott. i put out my pant and t-shirt. i sleep on her with my underwear and she was also with that. at that time my lip on her lip , my chest on her boob and my cock on her pussy with two underwear within us. but that gave a good feeling. so we were playing like that for 5 minute.

Then i opened her underwear and pantry also. she became nervous and asked brother if some problem will come then. i told do not worry.then i put my cock with underwear on her naked pussy and done my hip up and down. she bite her nails and slowly started up and down to her hip. slowly her speed became faster than me and some pre-cum came from her pussy and some of my cock also.then she told i could not wait baby please do some please. then i opened my underwear. my cock was hard and 9inch. i asked could you take it to mouth. she told waee..

Then i told ok and i rub my cock head on her pussy lip.she was not in control at that time and was trembling and could not say in her original voice. just was saying ” bhaya phaddo mujhe banado apna rakhel banado.” i was also trembling but felt so good.then i put my cock in her pussy . she loud and some blood came out. i feared. but i knew that she lost virginity.

Then after a little bit i started harmonic motion. after 10 minutes i got my climax and she also.

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