Chachi Ke Saath Suhaagraat:: 2016 New Sex

Her age is 35 or 36. She has 2 kids. And now about me i m Sunny, living in Bhopal (M. P.) guy 22 years old, doing engg from a premier institute. . This is the main reason she got attracted towards me. . I have lean body, fit and 5″9 tall.

Richa is really beautiful, even now many guys do stare, when she is in saree and luks sexy and hot. I could not even I stopped luking her navel while she is in saree or her breasts or thighs when she is in salwar suits. . . Yep she is damn hot

Now coming back to story how it started. I was back in home in summer vacations of my engg collg. One day we met in party where she was alone and she came by taxi. Richa was wearing saree purple color and just below navel. Her blouse was laced one. I was too alone in party. At dinner time we met. We started talking as usual her asking about my college and my life. I got to know her husband is out of town for a month due to work.

I could pick up her little flirting to tease me as she said me I’m luking handsome in kurta and jeans, also she asked about my gf which i never had. After dinner i asked her how will she go home? She replied by taxi. Then i said her to come with me in my bike. She agreed readily.

When we sat on bike she hold my chest tightly saying that u drive bike fast (as my mom had told her). Since it was not late night i said i had to do some shopping, she said ok. We went to mall and Richa helped me in shopping jeans and shirt. While i was going in trial room to check shirt, she asked she will come to see how i look. I too agreed readily.

Guys this is where we started to getting physical. While i removed my t-shirt, she made me wear trial shirt by herself. Instead of closing buttons of that shirt -Richa started touching my chest and hips. I asked what u doing chachi, she said i m felling young man chest. Uske baad for 15 min she felt my arms, chest, hips, thighs. And before we came out she kissed my neck and head.

After that we went to home of Richa. It was almost 11. 30. She directly took me to her bedroom and we chatted for long. After that day i used to go her house every day. After 8 days and it was Sunday. Her kids used to go play and be outside from eve 4-8.

That day Richa wore white saree and it was a transparent one. Everything was white except her panty. . Black to add sexiness to her beauty. She told Sunny i wore for u. We were in bedroom. We started talking by asking me about my gf. I said i don’t have. In that talk she slowly asked how she looks to me. I said chachi u look hot, sexy and great.

Richa came closer to me and out my hands on her hips, at that time my dick got erect-which Richa saw from above jeans. I got scared little. Richa boli kya Sunny sirf haanth rakhne pe tera lund khada hoon gaya . . . .

Me- haan chachi.

Richa- hoota h abhi virgin jo h tu.

Me- sorry chachi

Richa- sorry ni bolte. Hoota h.

Richa-closed the door of room and windows. And said Sunny tu mjhe apni gf banyega.

Me- i was shocked and surprised. Thodi der baad. -i said chachi oks. . . . .

Fir Richa kissed my lips. That time my dick got hard wanting to fire out from jeans. Richa saw that and said mai teri jeans nikaal deeti hoon. I cudnt speak a word and within moment i was all nude, made by Richa. Fir Richa ne mere kuch nude photos liye as she liked my body. And started to kiss me everywhere.

Richa-Sunny dekhna h mujhe bude.

Me -yes chachi

Richa- dont say me chachi, i m your gf. Say Richa.

Me- oks Richa

She wore out her clothes slowly. First saree then blouse, petticoat, bra. But she didn’t took out her panty.

We went to bed. We kissed on lips, head, cheeks, hips, thighs everywhere possible madly at first. While i was kissing she told me i love u and she was attracted to me from first day.

Richa ne uska baad mere haanth baand diye ek cloth se. She started taking my dick in her mouth. I was moaning aaaahh. . . Ooohhhh. . . Heee. Maaaa. Richaaaaaaaaaaa. She is so good in taking that. Kissing my tip of dick and rolling tongue, taking in her mouth like anything. After 3-4 mins she stopped and kissed my lips. She started to sit on me to fuck her and we did without protection (as she was now operated and can’t have kids now). As she started to fuck it was little difficult to insert as she was not wet.

Then Richa told me to make her wet. Friends that was the awesome time of it. My lips licking her pussy and she pressing my head more. She told me to play with my tongue inside her pink pussy. She was moaning aaaahhhh Sunny . . . Ohh yeaaaa. . . She was wet after 7-8 mins. And she was wet too good. Fir i fucked her in missionary position for 4-5 mins and i did 5 times that day, every time my cum inside her.

That evening i fucked Richa in doggy style and while she was on me. In doggy style her ass was so hell awesome i cud not tell. I inserted in her slowly in this style. Then slowly increasing my pace of strokes and she shouting and moaning ooohh Sunny, aaahhhhhhh Sunny. . . Soemtimes in between she said fuck me Sunny, i m ur gf. I fuked her as deeply i could. While on a position when she was on me it was easy for me, but in that way she inserted my dick fully in her. .

We did till 7. 30 pm, each moment kissing, sucking and doing all things.

I liked Richa much, she is very naughty. She kept my inners that day and said don’t come her house wearing inner or she will keep her. When we go outside she always keep my inner if possible (although gave me back next time) or if i go her house. And the condition is also i have to remove in front of her. One day we went to spent time in parks, she made me wear out my inner in park behind the wall. Although no one was there, and the worst part is she made video of that.

Richa always take nude photo of mine when she wants and now we do regularly sex. In her house we have tried everywhere and in every position. Now i am excited doing sex in my house, as i would be alone for a week. Stay tuned to more stores of sex with Richa.

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