Choti Behan Ki Choot :: 2016 New Sex

Whosoever is reading this story must know that it’s a part of my real life incidents that surprised me and made me a sex maniac.

It was late around 12.30am, I just reached home after a 40 minutes drive from the hotel. I worked there as a Rooms Supervisor that allowed me to have free drinks. I had few miniatures of black label whiskey. It was quite relaxing after a long & tiring shift. Before revealing my secrets let me introduce myself. I am Aditya Rana, 24 yrs, a tall guy (5.10ft) with a muscular physique and an attractive personality. Being in a hotel industry from last few years had made me a fuck machine. I can’t live without releasing my load at least twice a day. I belong to a middle class family having a younger sister, Jyoti, studying in 11th standard & my parents. My father works in Army and most of the times he is away from home, while my mother is a homemaker.

Let’s come back to this unexpected sex surprise of mine. I reached home at around 1am. It was July and was very hot. As soon as i reached home my mom opened the door and served me supper. She went to sleep in the other room. I changed to a t-shirt and Bermuda. I always slept alone in my room where i got an Air conditioner. As i reached to my bed, saw my sister sleeping there too. I didn’t mind that, as the temperature soared to 40 degrees, she must have felt uncomfortable in other room with Cooler.

I laid back & instantly slept. But I got up around 3 when i felt thirsty. I went to my kitchen and drank water. When i returned to my bed i saw something really mind boggling. My sister was wearing a Silk skirt that was above her thighs. This was the first time when i saw her bare legs. She had huge thighs, completely waxed and it was looking so hot under the night bulb. Jyoti,18 must be having a figure of 34-29-36. She was more hot and beautiful than her classmates. I could see her black-blue spiraled panty. She was in a deep sleep. This sight made my 7 inches cock like a rock. I took off my Bermuda & released my cock, started shaking it slowly. My sister was looking like a sex goddess.

Her tits were covered in a loose t-shirt. She slept like kids. Her left leg was pointing towards me. I slowly kept my hand on her knee. She didn’t respond. Her skin was so creamy soft. I kept my hand there for about 2 mins and started taking it towards her panty. By that time my cock was making me uncomfortable with its stiffness. I moved my body closer to her and touched my cock below her thigh. Her touch was so hot. I couldn’t control myself anymore. I placed my hand over her panty on her Choot. I felt so adventurous, thrilled and scared at the same time. I looked at her face that reflected that she was in some dream. I decided to take the next step.

After some slow rubbing i slid my fingers inside her completely hairless & soft Choot. It was wet. I could feel her slit. It was tight and virgin. Suddenly she started moving on the other side. I immediately removed my hand & pretended to sleep. I was completely shocked & scared at that moment.

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