her boobs too fell in her wet sari :: 2016 Rishton Mein Chudai

It was the rainy season and she was getting dripping wet already..She waded through the shallow waters and passed a beautiful cave before she could reach her destination..The waters soaked her only piece of cloth which was a white sari, as suggested by baba’s disciples. Her curves became worth a lech. Any dick would respond to her at that point of time.. She walked towards baba and kept the fruits beside him.. Baba was sitting in his asana.. She bent down fully to do a namaste..As she bent down, her boobs too fell in her wet sari and her nipples were protruding out. . Her ass was more visible.. Oh god….She had a beautiful body…

Baba said, ‘ kalyan bhawa! Sarvogunosampanna bhawa!.

Somi, ‘ baba,mai ghar chhor ke aayi aap ashirwaad dijiye.. Sara jiwan bhar aapki seva karne ka anumati dijiye..’

Baba ,’ somi beti, aaj tumko jis kaam k liye yahan bulaya gaya hai usme tum zaroor safal ho jaogi… Mai hu na tumhare sath. Aaj mere seva k liye tu kya kya karegi?

Somi’ baba aaj tak apke bhakton ne aapki bohot seva ki hogi..Par hum aapke param dasi banna chahte hai..Aap hume jaise aagya karenge hum wohi karenge.’

Baba,’ beta tu mujh mein itna biswas karti hai??

Somi,’ baba mere pass kuch nhi hai…aap jo bolenge jaise bolenge waise agar hum aapki seva karne mein safal rhe toh hum khud ko dhanya manenge..

Baba,’bas beta ab jao aaram karo , dopeher ka khana aacche se lena.. Aur sunmatii tumhe shyam ke liye taiyaar karke mere pass leke aaayegi…

Namaste baba, . Ekbar phir uske bade bade raaseeley chuchiyaan uske sari mein dikhayi diye.. Aur jaise hi wo piche ghum ke chalne lagi, uski bhigi hui saree mein se gand jaise sari phar k bahar aayegi… yeh dekh ke baba aur baba k jo bhakt baithe hue the sab ke hosh udd gaye.. Aur sab k lund shaym hone ki intezer mein lag gaye…

Sunmati baba k pass aa ke baba k taraf dekhi, baba puche, ‘ pata hai na kaise kaam karna hai?’ wo boli haan baba.. Baba bole toh jao aur apna kaam thik se karo… acche se karoge toh eenam tumhe bhi milega…

Somi went inside a room as directed by baba… she closed the door and looked at herself in the mirror…The sari was hugging her body tight at all the places..She took off her pallu, her boobs came out.. With the pallu falling down on the floor, she opened the rest of the part around her waist.

She collected the whole sari naked and kept it at a corner.. She opened her hair down which reached her waist… looking at the mirror she saw her nipples and touched them, she ran her finger through her hairy pussy and was shivering while touching..Suddenly someone opened the door.. She was taken aback as sunmati pushed the door and came inside… she put her arms on her boobs and tried to cover her pussy.. Sunmati said, ‘ dear what are u doing, the body has been given to us by god and we all came to the earth this way.. Plz feel free to be naked any time you feel like..” saying this sunmati closed the door behind..She kept the packs she brought with her and made somi sit on the bed naked..Somi’s skin was like butter.. And she was perfect definition of a female according to kamasutra..

Sunmati,’ ab mujhe tumhe shyam ki puja k liye taiyyar karna hai.. Puja mein sar ke siwa kahi pe bhi baal nhi rehega’ tum let jao aur apne tango ko phailao apne hath bhi upar karo.. Aacha hua pehele hi nangi ho gayi..”

Somi,’par app…..!’

Sunmati,’ tum baba k seva karna chahti ho tumhe har rit riwaz k palaan acche se karna hoga..”

Somi, ‘ji sunmati ji’

Sunmati- ji mai aapki dasi hu…aap mujhe sirf sunmati bulao

Somi laid down spreading her legs and putting her arms above her head.. Sunmati said….Aap wax karna chahengi ki shave??

Somi asked which is holy?? Sunmati boli, waxing.. Somi boli kardo.. Sunmati put powder all over and started waxing her whole body..When everything was done she was looking awesome with clean armpits and clean pussy… her ass was glistening clean.. Sunmati said,, somi ab tumhe maine yani ki ek ladki ne nangi dekh li.. Yeh tha peheli rit.. Ab tumhe abhyangam karna hai.. Aur yeh ek mard karenge.. Tum ulte hoke so jao.. Somi did as told..She took a pink towel and covered her ass.. She went out and called a masseur. He came in and poured oil on somi’s body…the hot oil was relaxing her muscles.

His hands were wonderful.. He did her body at the back..Then he removed the towel.. She looked at sunmati,… sunmati told that’s the rule…she felt wonderful while her ass was getting pounded that way in the expert hands of a masseur.. He made it a point not to touch her pussy even by accident.. She was pushing her ass upwards.. As he was doing her..The man asked her to turn.. She turned without thinking.. Her boobs sprang forth.. The man started from her feet again..Slowly he came up towards the stomach, avoided the pussy and came up to the boobs… it was real hard pounding on the boobs… somi was longing for a fuck by then but she bit her lips.. The man continued massaging her boobs with hot oil and pulled her nipples continuously with his fingers several times.. Her heartbeat was increasing…

She crossed her legs over her pussy to control..She closed her eyes and made sounds..She licked her lips herself…and she felt dying to get fucked… after the abhyangam was done, she had to bathe.. Sunmati took her to the pool and asked her to get in sunmati got in too.. After soaking for sometime, somi’s body was covered with a wonderful body pack as she lay down by the pool.. After 20 mins, she again got into the pool and came out after washing off.. She wrapped around a towel and went back to the room,… sunmati helped her with her sari and now it was time for lunch.. With so much of care and arousal, she was looking like a goddess by then… her skin was glowing with her face still aroused..At that point she was ready to be in bed with anyone.. She had a hearty lunch and then sumati asked her to sleep..

As she slept she dreamed about getting fucked and sunmati waked her at 4’30.. She brought a dress with herself..A short ghagra and a very small choli which would make lots of cleavage out of her beautiful boobs.. The short ghaghra had a lot of frills..And she was decked up with flowers after that.. Sunmati gave her a drink and closed the door…

It was 6.00…Some kind of drums were being played. Though it was dark, the place was decorated with lanterns and flowers, which produced an amazing effect… Sunmati approached towards baba.. Did a pranam and said, baba somi is ready… baba asked, has she had her drink?? Sunmati said yes baba…baba winked at sunmati and gave a wicked simle… sunmati responded in a similar way.

Somi drank what was given to her by sunmati . She felt her head reeling.. Sunmati said,, somi its time to satisfy baba with your seva.. Somi got up and came forward towards baba.. A big fire was lit in the middle of the ground with baba and his disciples sitting around. There were a total of six people..Somi and sunmati made them eight.. .. Baba smiled victoriously as somi approached with her sexy flat belly and deep cleavage .. Her eyes were almost closing.. Her body was feeling hungry for sex.. Sunmati made her sit beside baba.. The fire made her look the sexiest girl on the planet… she stood up.. And fell on baba’s lap.. Baba aap ki seva karni hai.. Baba said tu nhi kar payegi.. She said ku baba, mai abhyangam k waqt apne aap ko thik nhi rakh payi isi liye…..Her words were coming out like a drunkard..

Baba – aaj tak kisine apne aap ko itna control nhi kiya….Yaha tak aane se pelele sab ne apne yoni k parde phar diya hai…. Tujhe job hi bola jayega wo karegi??

Somi haan haan haan

Toh abhi uthke sunmati ko nangi kar de uske chuchi choos.. Uski chut mein ungli dal aur chut pakad kar hum mein se kisi k goad mein bitha de… somi came toward sunmati opened her clothes and started sucking her boobs. She made sunmati lie down fast and while licking pushed her fingers in.. She held the naked lady with her pussy and threw her on a man’s lap.. Sunmati stayed that way,… the man held her boobs from the back and crushed them biting her ass…

Baba bole ab nachte nachte apne kapdon ko tyag de.. Aur nanga nach dikha… she got up.. Started dancing… she danced wonderfully moved her ass..And opened her choli.. The boobs sprang out..As she danced her boobs were jumping..And all the men started to open their cloths by then.. People came near her and started dancing.. She purposely moved her chest so that the boobs jumped more.. The men around her slapped her back and pinched on her boobs.. She came near baba and opened her skirt which fell on baba’s lap.. Her pussy was in front of baba’s mouth..

Baba kissed her mound and said aur nach kutiya.. Aaj tujhe apne lavde pe bitha ke chodunga.. Kya maal hai re.. Aaj mujhe chod..Kal mere clients se chodwounga..Har roz chodegi meri pyari haramzadi… Gand marenge teri toh.. Randi banayenge tujhe.. Somi kamad hilati rahi..Aur baba apne lund nikale.. Baba k lund 8 inch lamba aur 2 inch chaoda tha… baba khade hoke somi ko bitha diya… aur baba ne somi k muh mein apni lavda ghusa di.. Somi mein jaise jaan aa gayi..Nangi aise chusti rahi ki baba jaise chutiye k muh se bhi ahhhhhhhhhh … ahhhhhhhhhhh … k awaz nikal gayi..

He made her lay down aur 15 16 thappad lagaya uske chuchi aur choot par aur bole aaj tere bur ki chatni banake baba ke prasad chadha saali kutti.. Chut phad denge teri.. Bolke baba got up on her.. Her body wanted the hardest fuck… the drugs were working.. She was ready to get fucked by the whole city.. Baba bit her boobs.. Aur somi ahhhhhhhhhh…… karke chillayi.. Baba k lund somi ki chut pe lag rha tha.. Baba chuchi ek hath se dabate rhe aur doosre hath se gaand.. Aur doosri chichi muh mei ghusa ke choos rhe the.. Somi baba k lund k pass jane ki kosis kar rhe the.. Somi chilla rhi thi chodo.. Mujhe chodo koi.. Baba uske dono tango ko alag kiye aur chut se ras nikal rhe the..Aise mein.. Lund laake chut ke samne rakhe.. Somi’s eyes were closed.. Baba said seva karegi…dasi banegi meri randi…ley ab dekh kaise mere dasi banate hai..

Baba pushed his lund inside vigorously and fucked somi’s virgin pussy with his fat big dick.. Baba ne somi ko bohot jor se chodna suru kiya…somi ko bohot dard ho rha tha.. Par aaram bhi mil rha tha bohot…. Ek mard aake somi ki chuchiyan chusne lagi… aur phir baba usko kutiya bana kar ke chode.. Phir baba bole baba ke goad mein baith ke chodne k liye. Somi lund marne lagi aur baba ke rass se bhar gaya somi ki chut.. Baba somi ki doodh dabate rhe aur bole ab har roz jab bolenge tab chuwayegi.. Jaha bolenge waha.. Jisse bolenge use..Udhar baki log sunmati ko chodte chodte bole baba ab hume prasad do.. Bada pushed somi towards the sex hungry men and they started biting and sucking her like animals.. Sunmati came to baba and laid on him naked…

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