Hindi sexy kamini

I had a cousin named Anshika who was 4 years younger than me. She was preparing for medical college. We never use to talk that much but suddenly we came into touch through whatsapp. The next part is the conversation

Anshika: hii Bhai

Me: hi der

A: aapko to kabhi yaad aati nahi meri socha mai hi baat kar lu

M: arrey aisa nahi hai bas thoda busy tha

A:ohoo bhaiya itne bhi kya busy jo ek msg nhi kar sakte

M: thik hai chalo ab baat kar rhe hai bolo kya baat Karin hai

A: aur bhaiya bhavini kaisi hai (my ex gf)

M: mera kab ka breakup ho chuka hai

A: baat nahi hoti par

M: nahi yaar acha hai nahi hoti

A: hmm waise bhi aapko oos se achi milegi

M: ohh thnxx

A: haa sahi mei mazak nahi kar rhi mai sachi keh rahi hu

M: haa baba maan gaya

A: aap ache lagte ho meri ek friend to kitna latoo hai aap par

M: lol Mai nahi hu par

Then for some days this kind of chat we use to do daily and suddenly we were talking and chatting all the time. She use to text me when ever she had time. One day there was a date competition in which I got to keep her name and pic on my whatsapp account for 24 hours which I completed and in the same dare she got kiss on lip now the conversation

M: arrey ye to bhut mushkil dare aa Gaya ab ye kaise poora hoga

A: ismei kya I will do it

I was shocked by the reply

M: how you gonna do that

A: when we will meet

M: r you sure

A: yes I m…

M: ok let’s see how you will do this

A: I will do this bhaiya but than you also have to do something for me

M: Kay???

A: Mai jab bhi Mumbai aaungi aapko mjhe ghumana hoga

M: no problem mai wo to kar sakta hu

A: sirf him dono

M: ha hum dono

A: kitna maza aayega na sirf hum dono you knw aapko mereko dekhkar koi keh hi nahi sakta ki hum cousins hai we make a good couple

M: lol maybe

A: Mai waha aaungi tab sab aapko friends apne gf k saath aap mere saath

M: so wat you r my sis..

A: nahi ye kisi ko batana nahi hai

M: kyu??

A: bas nahi batana Maine kaha na

M: aur kuch farmaaish aapki

A: nahi acha ek baat batao

M: haa

A:Mai aapko kaisi lagta hu

M: achi lagti hai kyu

A: nahi agar as a Ladki Dekhe to

M: irrade kya hai tere

A: kuch nahi kyu

M: mjhe kuch thik nahi lag raha islie chalo ab bhut raat ho gayi hai so jaao good night

A: good night

After 3 months we met at my kaka s house and I was amazed meeting anshika she was as beautiful as Aliya Bhatt . We met it was normal that day but on the second day the real devil inside me rises. We were sitting together and I rose the topic that

M: what about the incomplete dare

A: what about that

M: you said you will do it

A: I want to but where

M: let’s go to the fist floor room nobody comes there

A: good idea lets go there.

Then we went to that room and I locked it. She was standing in front of me and I said complete your dare. She came close to me and just touched my lips with her juicy lips and went back. I said this is not a kiss. She said I know this one if you know any other then teach me how to do that. I said ok that I took her into my arms and parted her lips and rolled my tongue in such a way which opened directly into her pie hole. After that we continued kissing for 10 minutes during the kiss I caressed her boobs and also touched her pussy which was damn wet I wanted to fuck her badly but at that time my kaki called her and she had to go…….

I was euphoric and very excited but was scared. But somehow I took the courage and went downstairs and as soon I reached downstairs I see a spark in anshika’s eye. But I was playing safe that time.

From that day onwards she use to be close to me and I also enjoyed her company. One day I was going back to my home and she joined me and wanted to stay there with my family. I was looking up to the situation. As my dad is a businessman and my mom is a working lady they both leave home early in the morning. As they left she came into my room and as usual I was sleeping with a perpetual boner .

A:wake up Bhai it’s very late now

M: I wanna sleep more please go

A: don’t you wanna complete the work undone…

M: what do you mean.

A: you know what I mean we both know

M: r you serious about it

A: yaw I m serious about it

M: oh man I wanted you for so long you have a figure of an angel

I went close to her and started the longest lip lock till date and my hand were out of control one was molesting her boobs and one was drilling her holes

A: aah …. aah ….. aah … ouch … aah …. aaram se aah …..

M: I wanted you badly…it’s a dream come true.

A: aah …. it was aah …. my dream too

We both started to strip quickly and were madly exploring each other’s body I pulled her and started licking her pussy badly

A: aah Bhaiya aaahh ….. mmnn …… ooohh …. yyeeess …. aaa

M: now I can’t wait I want to shove my thing in you

A: no one is stopping you….

M: here you go….

Without any wait I inserted my whole thing inside her she screamed initially but then slowly she was enjoying the whole act. The whole day was a fuck mania we fucked and sleep then again fuck then again sleep and we r fucking till date. I

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