Managed To My Hot Bhabhi:: 2016 Rishton Mein Chudai

About my bhabhi she is around 24, m also 24, she married to my cousin brother 1 1/2 year ago. My brother being in merchant navy used be on ship for at least 6 months, than after every six months he use to come Mumbai for 1 month as an work leave. So all this started when my brother was on ship it was almost 6 months pending to him to return. And I always thought of fucking bhabhis. I always thought about my leena bhahi coz she is lit bit fat type. Once there was a function in our family so we went to brother place. My brother has a 1 yr old son. So I was playing with him in hall of my brother flat. I was running behind by brother son here and there , after some time he enters my brother’s bedroom and I accidentally followed her. After that what I saw was out of the world, my bhabhi was changing she was wearing a pink bra, I saw my bhabhis big breast in front of my eye and they were hanging like a jackfruit from a tree. She saw me she covered her boobs with saari and said me “raj babu ko bahar lekar jaa”. I took him out in the hall, after that day I thought about that incident a lot times.

So as the bulge was increasing in my testicles, I made a plan to fuck my bhahi. One day I got the news that my bhabhi is not feeling well and no one was there to care of her. So my brother call my dad and asked my dad to send some1 to his place. As it was my younger sister exams she could no go, so I was the one to go to his place to take care of her. I reached my bro place in almost 3 hrs. I rang the door bell, my bhabhi is her night came and opened the door. I could almost see her nipples, she said “accha hua raj tu aa gaya” “babu bohot ro rha he uska zara dhyan rakh” I said “ji bhabhi” and after that she went to her bedroom and I started playing with babu.

After some I heard sneezing voice coming out of my bahbhis room, I got into the bedroom, I saw her sneezing, as she was sneezing her boobs were going up an down, I said “kya hua bhabhi” “dawai khaie nai apne” she said”kahie mene par asar nai kar hi he” I said “ok to ruk jao” after saying this I went near to her, there was a blanket I told my bhabhi “aap so jao me blanket udha deta hu” she said”ok udha de” she slept I could see her night gown going in her ass, my dick startd erecting, I then took the blanket and then I put that blanket on her. After that I came to hall and I saw that babu also slept, so I bought back babu to bhabhis room and then put onto his small bed. My dick was still hard. I went to hall startd watch tv. After some time again she started sneezing that to tooo loudly.

She was calling my name “raj idhar aa jaldi se” I came and asked “kya hua bhabhi” she said”meri halat kharab hoti ja rhi he” “mjhe bohot thand lg rhi he” “kuch kar” I then switched of the fan. But that was not enough. She again started sneezing, saying “raj idhar aa mere baju me so” I said “ji bhabhiji” and went to sleep along her side. She cuddled me very tightly and said”aise hi reh, mje bohot thand lg rhi he, aise hi reh tu”, she was actually absorbing the heat from my body. I stayed ther for a while after sometime she was normal. She untightened me slept normally. But after this my dick was rock hard. So I decided to fuck her.

I first started stroking my dick making it more tight as I was stroking I could dream of fucking her. I than played a game I also started sneezing very loudly after some time she woke and said “lgta he tjhe meri sardi lag gai” “aa yaha mere baju me” I went near near her slept, she again cuddled me tightly but this time my dick was very hard and as she cuddled me my dick started poking her into her thigh, she saw that and said “thodi der me teri sardi chali jaegi” after she took her to my waist and after that to my dick she hold it and started stroking it up and down, and said”isse teri sardi bhag jaegi” I didnt say anything, and was just lying over there”she saw my dick and said kitna bada he tera kbhhi kisiko hath lagane diya ya nai” I said”nai bhabhi” . As she was stroking a huge load of cum started coming out. She saw that and took all of the load into her mouth and said”are wa itna zyada kaha se laya be” “mooth nai marta kya” I said “nai bhabhi”. She said”lgta he bohot din baad bahar aya , isly itne jaldi bahar aa gaya, waise bohot tasty he”.

After this she again started stroking. I was already out of control. I caught her neck went down, lifter her gown, and straight went to pussy hole and startd licking it, she started moaning all her juices were coming out of her pussy, and I drank it all, she was saying”raj phaad te chut meri, chaba ja use, bhabhicod kahi he, madarchod, bhosdiwale, chat meri chut laude”. I was shockd hearing this but I was in my mood.

After some time I took my hard on dick and started penetrating her liker a drilling machine. She started shouting and saying”sale african ke tarah chodta he tu tera lund mast he”. I was banging furiously. Biting her boobs, her nipples almost startd bleeding, after some time, I loaded all my bulge into her pussy. She said”aur raj sale itna mast choda tune, aaj ke baad agar tune muje choda nai to me tere bhai se teri shikayat kr dungi” I said”shikayat ki koi zarurat nai he, aisa choduga tjhe ki teri chut phaad k rakh duga, jaise abhi phaaada”.

After that we almost fucked for 2 months every day. Still we fuck. Even she is having child of mine.

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