Mom Changed My Life:: 2016 Rishton Mein Chudai

My mom kavitha is a hot woman she has big boobs , and she has a perfect figure. She always wears a saari with a low cut back blouse. My mom lived with my dad in a village in Maharashtra , I am currently studying in pune.

I started lusting at mom at an young age itself, because I had seen her and asked. I always had a dream of fucking her and so my dream came true.

I got a sudden shocking and news that my father died. I quickly went to my village which was far away from pune about 10 hours by road. So I couldn’t make it for the funeral. As I reached home my mom hugged me and she was crying too. I could feel her soft boobs

I got aroused by that and the devil inside me started rising. I stayed for a week at my village. We had a big house as we were Rich enough. Mom was and so sad after and ow , she was quite relaxed.

One fine day The sarpanch of the village came to our house.

Sarpanch – Hello , I wanted to have a talk with u and ur mom.

Me – Sure.

mom and I didn’t know what was he going to speak.

Sarpanch – According To our village rituals , after a women’s husband dies and if their Son is unmarried he has to get married to His mother. And if he would regret the marriage then both the mother and son would be kicked out of the village

We were shocked hearing this , I was more happy after all .

My mom was quite and confused as I

Sarpanch – ” tell me your decision in 2 minutes ”

I looked at mom she seemed as if she was ready for it.

Me – ” Okay sarpanch ji We are ready .

Sarpanch – ” okay so tomorrow at 5 p.m Come dressed up in the temple.

After the sarpanch went I told mom

Me – ” mom I’m sorry but I had to take this decision otherwise we would have been thrown away out out of the village.

Mom – ” I can understand beta ”

After saying this she went off to sleep . I was very Happy cause my dream would be and ow full filled.

The and ext .morning some ladies of the village came and took .y mom to get her ready . Even some men from the village came to make me ready.

It was 5 and all were gathered at the temple. My mom. was looking like a young hot dhulan. The pandit did the rituals and we got married . The full village clapped at us

As we came home all welcomed us. They took my mom kavitha into the bedroom. Later all went home and I was happy and getting horny to fuck my wife. As I entered the room I saw her on the bed. She Got up and I took off her ghungat . She was looking hot. I was about to kiss her and she said. ” from today I’m your wife and I shall do what u say , I shall obey you.

I quickly smooched her for 5 minutes. I started pressing her boobs hard and she moaned loudly ahhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …

I told her to undress her self I also got and ude … She was shining in the room . she had long and nipples big areoles on the big boobs

I sucked her and nipples she was moaning ahhhahhhh. ……..yes yes..suck it Suck it . it feels good.

I gave her my dick in her .out and she started sucking it hard.. I cummed in her mouth. and ow we both were sweating . I had a lot of stamina left . and ow it Told her to lie on the bed . I came to her pussy. I licked it for a lot of time. She was moaning a lot in pleasure – ahhhhahhahaaaaah. yea . Haaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaha. ohh. fuck me hard .

My wait was over I inserted my dick into her pussy.. wow it was. a crazy feeling….. My wife was in pleasure … we both were sweating hard . I fucked her for 30 minutes. Later I cummed inside her. she was tired . we went to sleep

Next morning I got up I didn’t see my mom (wife).

I was and aked , I came in hall but I didn’t c her. Later I heard her voice in the kitchen . As she saw me she said good morning. She was looking hot in the kitchen . I grabbed her from behind and started kissing her back. I pulled her petticoat and I started to fuck her in the morning . she was standing through the support of the kitchen marble and I was holding her and fucking her . we were and ow fucking for 30 minutes. She was enjoying the morning fuck . I was in continues motion. I grabbed her boobs from front and pressed them she moaned loud ahhhhhahhhahhhahhaha

I didn’t stop and ow it was 1 hour of hard fuck . She was tired and . wanted to stop. but she didn’t open her mouth.

At last I cummed on her ass and I was totally tired and even she. I told her I love you . she told I love you to and Got fresh

I ate my breakfast and then my mom’s sister Kamla came.My aunt was a my mom’s eldest sister.she was 64 years but she looked like a 35year old lady. She was living far away from are village. My Aunt had a good figure , she was and ot fat.

I too was hungry to fuck her.

My aunt was talking with my mom for the whole day . The and ext day I took my aunt in my village. She was wearing a saree . I any how wanted to taste her

I took my aunt to fields . I was telling her about her our farm.

To be continued

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