Mumma’s Hard Fuck By Old Man :: 2016 Rishton Mein Chudai

This incident happened when my mumma age was 38 she is a very beautiful women at the age of 38 also she looked liked 28 year old women the reason behind that she has maintained her body she looks really very hot and beautiful.

Mumma Fucked

I still remember the days when we were used to go for any party of my dad office my dads friends stairs at her body not even my dad colleague there were many top ranked seniors who was really admiring mumma. Specially when she wears skirt and shirt some time i felt they will tear of her skirt in front of my dad my mumma is very bold women by heart and most importantly she is very frank women as my dad is a big corporate she has to maintain all that and also has to take all the sexy comments by dad’s colleague’s some time i really felt offended but later this was common to me as we have to live according to our society let me tell you very frankly she had been nailed my many guys which i have seen.


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I still remember the day when i was using my facebook account don’t know from where a person was online named mohan dubey as i dint get how he was added to me i just started taking to him by talking to him i came to know that he is 54 old man. I asked him how he got my id and all he said really he does not know that but not a problem we can became friend if i wish to. I said ok then from that day we started talking each other he always asked me about my studies and all between these days i came to know that he is also a big corporate.

This last for about 2 month we were used to chat almost daily one day he asked me can we talk on phone i said why not then we shared each other’s number and started talking to each other one day i was on a telephonic conversation with him . My mumma came to me she said vicky don’t you have to study you always us net and mobile taking to friends i said sorry mumma it was regarding studies only .She said ok and she went i said ok dubeyji i will talk you later he asked me is that your mumma who was taking to you

I said yes he said ohhh your mumma has a melodies voice i said yes and we disconnected the phone the next day he called me up at 11 am i said hi dubey ji he said how are you i said ya i am fine he asked how is your mumma .I said yes she is also fine then he asked about my family i told him every thing started from my dad his work company name and all and also about mumma . I still remembered that conversation between us he was only asking about mumma that what’s her hobbies what kind of dress she wears and all of the sudden one day he said vicky can i see her i said why whats wrong. He said you have described her so well i just want to see whether see is beautiful or not .

Immediately i send her pics he called me again ohh vicky your mumma got a nice stats our friendship continued and we became very open to each other and one day i told him that mumma has been nailed by many guys he asked don’t you feel bad about that i say no its her life and after all she is happy she gets good care of our family he asked me where was your dad when she got fucked i said she gets nailed when dad i out of india. He asked me can i be your mumma friends i said what are you taking he said just the friend vicky that really wont be any problem i said but how he said nothing vicky just introduce me as your friend to your mumma .

I said ok come dad is here only you can meet him also he said then vicky i will come when your dad is out i surprisingly asked why what wrong in that he said friend i have some work here also and if i will come to meet you your dad will think i am disturbing in studies and all of course that i felt as a bullshit reason few days later my dad having trip for uk for 1 year and was about to go next month i said this to him he said that’s not a problem i will come at that time only . The day came when dad went uk and he called me whether he is gone or not next day he called me and said vicky come i want to meet you .

I went in the the place where he called me this was my first first face to face interaction with him he said how are you i said i am fine he asked me how is your mumma i said she is fine dubey ji was a 54 year old man i was little bit scared from him as there was age difference between me and him dubeyji made me very comfortable he said vicky we are friends don’t be shy you can talk to me freely dubeyji told me clearly why is he wanted to meet me and mumma and he asked for my help i was quit i said i can’t help you he said ohh vicky common many of the guys has nailed her already don’t you want me to do her it’s the simple thing i said please dubeyji as you told me that you will do only friendship with her.

Dubeyji said vicky your mumma is only good for bed and you know this so don’t waste time let me nail her and take whatever you want from me and also i am not going to rape her i will make her agree then only i will drink her juice if she will not agree then i will simply move forward he was begging like any thing .I said ok i gave him my home address he came in the morning mumma was taking bath he told just introduce me as your friend father when mumma came out she was smelling like any thing she was in her black skirt and white top her black bra was visible through her top .I introduce her to dubeyji. Dubeyji was stairing at her at that time only one thing in my mind if would have not there dubeyji would have nailed her immediately but as the conversation began mumma gets open to him dubeyji told me vicky go and have your studies

I went after 20 min mumma called me and said ohh vicky this is very bad he is your friend’s dad and you allowed him to stay in hotel i was surprised and thinking whats this new story is all about hotel and all she said common go with him and bring his luggage and me and dubey ji came out of the flat i asked dubeyji whats this story is he said common vicky i have to do this any how to get into your house other wise how can i fuck her he told me see vicky if she agree i will definitely nail her so you give me chance to attract her i said ok but only at one condition if she agrees other wise you have to leave he said definatly vicky .He said vicky today i am going to l tear off your mumma’s panty .

We returned back around 3 pm my mumma was watching tv on sofa we came and mumma asked me to take his luggage to my room i did the same thing he also came with me he said see vicky you have to give me free time to convince her i said what can i do he said just be in this room and leave the rest to me i will handle the situation

I said ok then he went near to sofa and was standing their mumma said ohh dubeyji why are you standing their come sit here he obeys her and sits in front of her mumma panty was clearly visible she was wearing black panty they were talking she asked him so have you came here for business trip he said yes then then for some time they talked on business here and their dubeyji said mumma you rally look good mummy smiled seeing her he said rally you look good no one can say you are that much old it continued for 2 hr and mumma said now i will make food for every one dubeyji around 8 pm asked me to come with him mumma asked were are you guys going he said we will just take a walk and come back she said ok then we came out i asked him what is the the matter now he said vicky definitely she will agree to give her pussy to me

I asked him how he said i have fucked many women i know what they want he again asked me do i have a problem i said until and unless mumma has a problem i don’t have then we came back and had dinner and mumma went in her room and me and dubeyji slept in my room the next morning dubeyji told me just stay away from him and mumma and give him a chance to impress her and i did the same as he said from the next day he started impressing her .Many times he takes her out buy her new dresses and mumma was also seems to be interested in him they became very close to each other vo pahle se jayada kush aur open dikh rahi thi this continues for 7 days .

One fine night i was sleeping i just wake up with a noise i dint find dubey ji on the bed i knew exactly where i can find him i went to mumma’s room i saw dubeji was holding my mumma from back side and he was kissing her neck from back his hand was on her waist mumma said please leave me dubey ji said why whats the problem don’t you like me she said i like but my son is here only he said ohh darling common he is sleeping and he is now a grown up child he knows that his mumma need to have sex it’s the need common she said ok .He lifted my mamma’s kurti and pulled her salwar to the knees her panty was visible mumma bend slightly and mohan dubeyjee pulled down my mumma’s panty till this her thighs.

Her pussy was visible dubey ji said aaaaaahhhhhh god that’s the jannat i wanted to nail and he puts his finger inside and started rubbing her pussy from back he said varsha your pussy is so soft today i am tear off your pussy and widened it up and slowly he continues rubbing her pussy my mumma was getting horny she was mouning aaaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhh hmmmmm with very soft voice.

Dubeyji pulled off her salwar and panty and take out her kurti and pulled off her bra and make my mumma nude dubey ji aaahhhh kya jism hai tumhara and unhone mumma ko bed pe lita diya my mom pussy was full of hair dubey ne meri mumma ke jhant ke bal pakde aur use khicha mumma aaaahhhhh ohhh shit dubeyji what are you doing its paining he said ohh darling enjoy this pain he again did the same thing mumma shouted but the sound was like she is enjoying now he spred my mumma leg and hold her thighs put his face on her pussy and starts licking mumma’s cunt mumma started mouning ohhhhh oohhhhhh gussss gussss aaaahhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhh sshhhhh ohhh dubeyji you are dam good in licking dubeyji said yes my darling from today onward you will not forget this tongue today let me taste your pussy juice. She was in the other world dubey ji said from the day i saw you i wanted to lick your cunt the very first day only on sofa i saw your black panty

I wanted to tear it off and any how i controlled my self and today i got this wonderful opportunity ohhh you are amazing and continued licking her cunt he putted his thumb inside her pussy and middile finger in her ass hole and from one hand he was rubbing mumma’s cunt she was moaning and shouting like a whore dubey ji said ohh i can’t hold it any more aur unhone ek hath se lund pakadte hue mumma ki phuddi me ghusa diya aur dhire dhire mumma’a ki phuddi ke aander bahar apna lund karne lage i said ohhh dubey ji you did as you said mumma aaaaaaaa.Aaaaa………………..Ouhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii………offfffffffff………ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kar rahi thi dubey ji was holding my mothers thies and started fucking her hard he said varsha your pussy is damm hot ohh god i am so lucky to have this pussy he was pumping his penis inside mumma’s pussy i was clearly seeing his thick penis coming out and going inside mumma’s pussy and the sound of thap thap thap thap thap thap was coming for some times he fucked my mumma like this.

Uske bad vo mumma ke bagal me let gye aur mumma ne karwat le liya and dubeyji ne mumma ki ek jhang pakad ke utha diya aur dusre hath se apna lund pakad ke mumma ki pussy me phir se lund ghussa diya aur kas ke dhakka mara his entire pennis was inside her pussy now slowly he started nailing her slowly slowly his pennis was going inside mumma’s pussy ab unhone apne ek hath aage kar ke mumma ke boobs pakad liye masalte hue mumma ki chhudai karne lage mumma ke muh se aaaaahhhhh aaaaaaaaahhh maaaaaaaaaaaa maaaaaaaaaaa ohhhh dubeyji you are really good fuck me fuck me dubeyji continues nailing mumma like this he saked mumma are you enjoying mumma said ohhh yess you are to good dubeyji said ohh darling you are mine and he increased his speed mumma’s body was vibrating like machine.Dubeyji ke chahre ki khusi dekh ke lag rahi thi ki vo jo chahte the vo unhe mil chukka tha.

He continued nailing mumma for half an hour’s and then he made a sound aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh varsha he poured his entire sprem in my mumma’s vagina dubeyji took his pennis out and lied down on bed mumma also lied down and dubeyji took the blanket and covered him and mumma mumma said now you go he said why mumma said my son is here dubeyji said you don’t worry about him then he turned of the light for some time i was standing their and then i came to my bed.When i waked up at the morning i saw mumma and dubey ji was in the same blanket . I did not disturb them i went to college i returned back at 6 pm dubey ji told me lets go some where .I said ok and we went mumma was alone we stopped at one place and dubey starts telling me every thing as if this is new to me

I told him i have seen you last night he told me dear your mumma is amazing i enjoyed with her whole day i asked her today he said yes today you were out i nailed her 3 time. Her cunt is very good i really liked licking her cunt. I asked him you got what you wanted now when will you live he said common vicky its just the start i will stay here till i get satisfied and aren’t you happy because your mom is happy getting nailed by me i really want to keep her with me for some time and we came back to home.

My mumma was in pink nighty it was a tight fitting nighty and me and dubeyji could recognize all of her parts i came in my room and my mumma and dubeyji was in drawing room having chat dubey ji asked my mumma tell me seriously how many men had nailed you. She said why dubeyji said i have fucked many women specially married one but i can easily find out you have been fucked by many guys she agrees that she is having affair with many guys.

Then we had dinner and dubey came to me and said you can sleep i am going in her room after 20 min i also went there saw the door was closed and my mumma was moaning aaaahhhh…………aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…….Ouhhhhhhhhh………common yessssss fuck me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhh duyeeejiiii fucku meeeeeeeeeeeeee ohhhyessssssssssssssssssssssssss commonnnnnnnnn the voice of dubeyji was ohhh yesss baby come take it off common i will tear of your pussy my bitch common you are my whore nowwwwwwwwww aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh this continues for 20 min

After that they stopped making noise i came to know dubeyji has lost his control and then i came back to my bed next day i dint go to college dubey ji was in my room he asked me why dint you go today i said first answer me why did you closed the door last night he said i dint closed it your mother closed he asked me you really liked getting her nailed i said yes he said not a problem he then asked me to go out for some time and come back

After half an hour i did the same when i used the other key and entered the house no one was in the drawing room without stopping any where i came at the door of my mumma’s room my mumma and dubey was on bed she was just in the red petticoat and her panty and bra was on the floor and she was on sitting on his lap dubey ji was squeezing her nipple and pressing her boobs dubeyji was nude mumma was holding his penis and rubbing it.Now dubey put his pennies inside my mumma’s mouth and tell her took lick it mumma did the same in few min his penis was hard

He told mumma now i will take you my darling and in a second mumma was in doggy position dubey ji came back and lift mumma’s petticoat to her waist her ass and pussy was visible he for some times lick my mumma’s ass and put his hard penis on her hole i guessed it right he is going to do anal sex with mumma and in a second he gave a hard push and his whole penis was inside mumma’s ass hole he holds her waist and give a push again and started fucking her ass mumma’s was maouning aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiitttttt ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ……ouuuuuuhhhhhhh dubeyji asked mumma what happened whore isn’t it your first time don’t know how many have fucked your tight ass till now ohh your are my horny whore and continued fucking her ass after some time he pours all his cum inside her ass.

He asked mumma i want to stay here for some days can i but about about my sons if he comes to know that dubeyji said you don’t worry about him he knows evry thing and he has seen you many time enjoying other guys he is mature enough to understand that his mumma is a horny women who needs sex if he don’t have problem why you are worrying .

Mumma said no issues then you can stay here i will take good care of you and they hugged each other and kissed for some time.From then dubeyji was with us for 6 month and he was nailing mumma every day.

One day when i returned from college i found there was a conflict between mumma and dubeyji i asked about what happened dubeyji said stay out of it. Its between me and your whore mother i said mind your language he slapped me i fell he said shut up you bastard other wise i will tear your mumma’s panty in front you.Late in the night dubey ji was slepping in mumma’s room i was upset she came to me i asked her what happened she said i am pregnant.

I was shocked i asked her how this happened she was crying she said i always told him use condom but he never used i asked her now what you want she said she want’s this child she said i fell in love with him and she wants that child but he is not ready to accept this child he says he is not responsible for it he says you might have slept with some one else.We dint knew dubey ji was standing on door.

We both got scared he came and slapped mumma and by holding her hair started dragging her to mumma’s room i was requesting dubeyji not to do this he slapped me again he said your mumma is a whore she wanted to have a child with me that’s why i didn’t used the condom and picked mumma on shoulder and take her to room i felt mumma needed my help but he was very stronger he closed the door i was shouting dubeyji leave her she will obey you .

But he din’t listen and fucked her whole night and in the morning he came out with all the luggages and said i am going back mumma was crying in her room dubey ji came to me and said thank you for providing your whore mother to me still your mumma is hottest women i have ever fucked he gave me around 10 thousand i asked for what he says for the abortion take her to a good doctor.And he went off.

I went to mumma room she was on the bed her panty was on the door step she was naked inside the blanked and crying i console her forget all what happened then we went to the doctor for abortion but in the real sense mumma was missing dubey ji she was quit after that she was not speaking to any one she left every thing after that she dint get fucked by any one she knew all of them used mumma pussy.But all the time she asked me did dubey ji called you i knew mumma is missing her i tried his number so many times but his number was switch off.

We were totally not in contact for two years.Mumma also forget every thing because she went to uk.Last September she returned to india she was very normal i gussed the effect of dubeyji is gone she was completely my mumma whom i knew for since my birth one day dad said lets go to the party be ready in evening it was a welcome party for my dad new senior .Friends in the next part i will tell you what happened next.Kindly give your feed back

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