My Loving Mami:: 2016 Rishton Mein Chudai

Mera naam mitesh jaisa maine bataya tha aur meri mami ka naam geeta hai mai dhekne mai good looking fair hu 5.10″ height hai aur well body normal hai jaisi ek guju ladke k hogi,aur meri mami k bare mai kya batau she is the most beautiful women i ever saw,par mai un k bare mai aisa phele nahi sochta tha par after she gave birth to a girl she gain some weigth or l will say chubby not fat her boobs became big like size of a hand ball and her ass was the best part vo hamesha he sari phelnti hai air fair hai par weight gain karne k baad se she looks more fair some what like white girls

After 3 months she lost some weight doing yoga and other stuff but her boobs and ass size didn’t changed but her figure became like body shape of bollywood actress aisha takiya but boobs and ass was bigger then her belly became flat and was alway a great view to watch vo mere mom k sab se chote bhai ki wife hai,meri mom sab se badi hai aur meri mom ko aur 3 bhen aur 2 bhai hai tho ye story mere choti mami ki hai.My mama and my dad has event management business so vo jyada wakt ghar se bhar rehete hai aur mere mama k ghar sirf mama,mami aur nani hai mere hum sab same buliding mai rehete hai our flat was on 2th floor and my mami lives at 7th.

Mai meri mami ki bhot respect karta hu aur muje meri mami phele se hi achi lagti hai par jab se child hua hai vo mje aur bhi hot,beautiful aur sexy lagti hai jab mai 11th mai pass hogaya tha meri mami ne muje laptop gift kiya jo meri mom ne mana kiya tha par meri mami ne muje le kar diya vo doctor hai aur khud ka clinic hai.Us laptop k aane k bad maine internet mai surf karna start kiya.Maine porn phele dheki thi par thik se nahi.Par jab bhi ghar mai alone hota tha tab mai pornhub mai milf porn dhekta tha aur mami k naam se muth mar leta tha.Mami mujse 10 saal badi thi ye story tab k hai jab maar 18 th birthday tha.Meri mami muje bhot jayada like karti thi q ki i was only boy i family meri sari masi ko girls thi aur bade mama ko koi child nahi tha.Esliye meri mami k sath mera bhot acha banta tha.J


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Ab i cleared my 12th she use to till me that now you are going in college so you should have girlfriend and do properly and safty first.Muje kuch kuch samaj aata th par puri bath nahi ki vo sex k bare mai baat kar rahi hai.After my 12th mai mostly meri mami k clininc mai timepass karta tha aur unki help karta tha medic dene mai aur vo hamesa skirt aur shirt phenti hai clinic mai jis mai vo aur bhi hot lagti thi her hight was almost 5’7 but vo fir bhi high heels phenti thi jis k karan un k boobs aur ass aur bhi bhar lagte they and every time she had a girl or a beautiful lady in clinic she use to tease me with telling me k

“Dhekho vo ladki tumare liye perfect hai,nunber chaheye tho mai mang leti hu ”

Me-“nahi mami abhi nhi”

Mami-“abhi nahi karoge tho kab karoge,thodi na tumhe shadi karni hai abhi bus experience k liye bol rahi hu”

Me-“muje lidki ya pasand hai par experience k liye muje koi chaheye jise phele se he har chesse ka experience ho tho maja aaega”

Mami-“acha beta ab sab samaj aata hai tumhe bade ho gaye ho mummy ko bolu k apni mami se kya bat karte ho.Aur ha koi experience wali chaheya,matlab tum hey hot moms pasand hai”

Me-“ha mami vase bhi shadi tho meri mere age k ladki se he hogi par i m a virgin and abhi meri koi gf bhi nahi hai tho koi experience wali hogi tho sab kuch sikha degi “

Mami-“ok lets talk about it after my last patient”

After 20 min

Mami-“i have canceled and my remaining appointment and today i will teach you sex” removing her jacket.

I looked at my mami with open mouth and shock. I knew that we had a relationship which was beyond aunt and nephew but she teaching me sex or even i touching the body of women i love made my legs weak.

Mami-“wow you look shocked,remember i m doctor first and then your mami.N this is going to be your sex education so ask me any thing.”keeping her hand on my thigh.

Me-“mami i know everything theoretically but now even one thing in particle and if i want to do something in particle i would do it with person i love not with a random person” she looked in my eyes and said

Mami-“mai tumhe kasi lagti hu” meri tho hosh ud gaye maine socha nahi tha k mami muje ye pouche gi par javab tho dena padega q ki mami aur mai akele the clinic mai aur mere ghar koi nahi tha sab shadi mai gaye the tho yaha nahi tho ghar ja kar javab dena padta.Esliye meri thodi fati par socha k mami aj frankly bate kar rahi hai aur aj ghar par koi bhi nahi hai chance acha hai aj mera sapna pura ho sakta hai esliye maine thod dar kr bol diya

Me-“bhot achi”

Mami-“bhot achi kya hota hai detail mai batao”maine socha loha garam hai hathoda mardeta hu .Aur meri mami thodi romantic type ki thi tho socha thoda maska lagaduga tho shayad kuch ho jae so i closed my eyes and turned around and said

Me-“mami you have the most beautiful face i have ever seen those pink lips are more then perfect and juice that every day i look at them and i wonder that they must taste like strawberry.U have the best long black hair that goes upto your knees and ever time i look at your belly button i just wanna lick it like a it is full of honey and every night when you are in your night gown i just want to feel your body in every possible way and those legs are the best legs i have ever seen i can’t forget that day when i was looking for mama and you came out of bathroom in just your small towel hardly coveribg your boobs and vagina and those legs were perfect.

I just wanted to kiss you and take that towel off and suck those nipples poking out,as i saw you i closed my eyes and you came nxt to me and kissed me on my cheek and told me not to open my eye until you told me but i peeked some and when you bend to pick up your bra from floor i saw that perfect asshole and shaved pussy which was dripping water i wanted to lick that asshole and suck that water on your pussy and put my dick in it and make love to you on your bed.Evey time i watch a porn about doctor i fantasie about me as a patient and we both have sex and your clinic while other patients waiting outside for their number and wondering that what we r doing.I love you mami and i want to make love to you in every possible way i can ”

I saw my mami and she had tears in her eyes and i got scared i thought i m fucked but se came to me hold my hand said “tum muje etina pasand karte ho muje pata hi nahi tha mai bhi tumhe chati hu par mai tumhari mami hu aur hum dono k beach aisa kuch nahi ho sakta”

I saw her pink lips and i didnt even heard a single word she said and as she was about to say some thing i kissed her hard and kept my lips no her for few seconds then broke the kiss she looked in my eyes as i was looking down that she might be angry but then told me to look in her eyes as i saw her eyes,suddenly she kissed me even harder and she open her lips and put her tounge in my mouth in her tounge was exploring my mouth so even i started to do that as it was my first kiss.As we were standing near her couch she took my hand and kept on her boobs and those tits were round and tight.I was feeling her tits i pressed the even harder as she was wearing shirt she started to lick my lips and n moved her tounge in my ears and said

“I knew you wanted me i saw you masturbating in my bathroom by my name licking ny panties you were so cute i wanted to fuck you that day but didn’t as i wanted to know that do you like me or just wanted to fuck me but after you said all that their is no stopping now take your mami i m all your do what you want to do with me my pussy is all wet and my panties are soked from my pussy juice bite my nipples and put your tounge in my asshole don’t leave a single cell of my body untouched lick my whole body do what you want other do with me today ” she bite my ear and blow some air in it . Mai pagal ho ja raha tha maine suddenly mami k neck ko bite kiya aur unke shirt ko unbutton karne laga tho unhone seda shirt ko kech kar sare button tod diye.

To be continued

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