Saali Ko Coffee Pilayi :: 2016 Rishton Mein Chudai

I’m a married guy with a good wife. I love my wife.

This story is about me and my saali ; & how I got a chance to enjoy with her.

I’ve a saali ; her name is Ritika and she is around 28 years of age and unmarried.

She is working in the same city and same office as my office. Though she lives with her friends and do visit us often and stays with us over weekends.Ritika is only a year younger to my wife. And Ritika is very fashionable and always wears very good clothes. Though she is not tall; but her figure is tremendous, I think it will be around 34 28 36. She does wear heels sometime; which accentuate her booty; and I always like to see her with heels; but at our home; she is mostly in her comfortable attire; but I always try to look at her boobs and ass from corner of my eyes.

Now the real story when I first got a chance to see more of her and feel her and at last …

It was a last working day of the week; and normally Ritika used to plan to come to office prepared that she will come to our place from office itself (as we work in same office). She called me around 9 PM and asked that she will come with me; I told her to be there at parking area near my car around 9:30 PM. Then once my work finished; I went down to parking area where she was waiting for me. As it was a casual dressing day; she was wearing a casual top and jeans with some heels.

Her Bra strip or I think inner strip was clearly visible as she was wearing the one which goes behind neck. I always liked her wearing that kind of inner and the top was a bit see through on the hands. Overall it was a normal dress; but to me it always looked sexy whenever she wears such see through tops. We met at the parking and she sat into Car with me. I started driving and our normal chat started; about workplace/ family etc. During the chat; I told her that these days girls in office on Fridays are wearing very revealing clothes; and she did agree that yes the clothes wore by girls on casual days are very fashionable and she told she also likes the same.

I told her that her dressing sense is very good and she looks good whatever she wears. She was feeling happy why I said the same. I told here that she has a great body; she shy ed a bit but said thank you to me. during our drive back home; I told her that her sister (my wife) has started doing a job in a nursery school and she goes there for 2 hours in the morning; she was very excited that her sister is working now. When we reached home; ritika congratulate my sister for the job and asked for the party;

Then we decided to go for dinner outside. Then my wife and saali told that they will get ready; I was unaware that my wife has given her one of the sexy dress to my saali to wear for dinner. As my wife and saali wear same size so they do share clothes often. Once they got ready; I was unaware that my saali is wearing my wife dress; so when I entered the room I saw her from behind and I though it’s my wife; so I spanked on bums and told what a sexy ass. Suddenly my saali turned back and I was in shock; but there itself my wife came out from bathroom and asked us what happened; we said nothing and asked her to be ready fast.

That was the fist time when I touched my saali’s ass by mistake. It was very soft and surely I though that anyone will love to fuck her doggy style.

We went of dinner and then came home late; our bed is very big and we 3 slept in the same bed. as usual my wife took the middle spot. we slept fast; but I could not sleep; as I wanted to either jerk off watching some porn or reading some good story on ISS. then I came out of the room and switched on the laptop to watch some good porn. I started a movie on my laptop ; it was one of those my friend’s hot mom videos. In few minutes, my saali came out and I was shocked; but I could switch off the video; she saw that I was watching porn. She told me that she has never seen a porn movie. I asked her if she will like to see; then she nodded in yes.

I warned her that it’s very dirty and she may not like it etc. But I also told her that there is nothing wrong in watching a porn movie and it’s very normal; that’s we have so much of porn available, I alos told her that she is also aware of Sunny leone and she is celebrity in india now; so nothing wrong. She agreed and then she sat next to me and I played the video from start; in the video a boy goes to his friend’s house but his friend is not here; so his friend;s mom asks the boy to come inside.

The mom in the movie was wearing a gown which was revealing her breast too much; my saali was seeing the with her eyes wide open; then the mom walks to the kitchen and boy walk behind and see the sexy ass of his friend’s mom. therafter as usual for any porn video; boy start pressing his friend’s mom’s ass and boobs from behind; and it was a surprise to my saali.. (now I will change to hindi) Meri saali boli ” Jiju , ye ladka kya kar raha hai” ; to maine bole ki tum dekh to rahi ho. Ritika aankhen fad-fad kar dekh rahi thi. Uske baad movie main ladke ne uske dost ki mom ka gown utar diya.

Ab mom keval bra-panty main thi. aur mom ne push-up bra pehni thi. Phir maine ritika ko pucha ki “Ye breasts itne bade-bade kaise dikhte hain aur cleavage bhi itna accha” to wo shocked ho gayi maine usko bola.. ki mujhe pata nahin hai par ; kuch to baat hai porn start ki jo unke itne bade-bade aur itna accha cleavage hota hai ; aur maine usko kaha ” Mujhe laga tumhe maloom hoga isiliye pooch raha hun” . phir wo boli ki “wo mom ne push-up bra pehni hai” maine kaha wo kya hoti hai “to wo boli ki, push-bra main breast upar push ho jaate hain aur bade lagte hain aur cleavage bhi deep dikhta hai” .. to maine usse pucha “tumhe kaise maloom” ; phir wo thoda open hokar bolo “Ki mere paas bhi hain push-up bras aur main bhi pehenti hun lkabhi-kabhi” ;

To maine usko aankh maarte huye aur usko boobs ko dekhte huye bola ki “abhi mujhe samjah main aaya ki tumhare kabhi bade..I mean kabhi moti aur kabhi patli kyon dikhti ho” ; wo mera ishaara samajh gayi ki main uske boobs ko dekhta rehta hun tabhi to mujhe pata hai ki kabhi wo bade lagte hain aur kabhi nahin. Movie aage badhti ja rahi thi; ab ladke ne apna pant utar diya; aur uska lund bahar aa gaya; ritika ne aankhen idhar-udhar kar lin; but corner se dekh rahi thi wo; phir maine bola “Are aaraam se dekho” tab wo thodi open hui aur boli ki ye itna bada hota hai kya. Maine bola kyon tumne pehle baar dekha hai wo wo boli “haan” ; to maine kaha ki haan itna bada hi hota hai.

Uske baad mom us ladke lund muh main lene lagi; usko dekh kar Ritiak boli Chhi…ye kya kar rahi hai” ; Maine bola ki wo maje le rahi hai ; to Ritika boli ” ki aisa karne main kya maja aayega” to maine bola ki tum karke dekhogi to tumhe pata chalega” … so sharma gayi aur boli ki “mujhe to ulti hi ho jayegi” …tab maine usko bataya ki isiliye to flavoured condom aate hain…tab wo blo “Accha….ab samjah main aaya ki itne falvoured condom like straberry, coffee etc kyon aate hain” .

Maine usko pucha tumhe kaun sa flavour accha lagta wo boli “Coffee”; maine aankh marte huye usko bola ki mere pass hai; wo phir thodi sharma gayi. Uske baad movie chalti rahi aur hum dono dekhte rahe; but wo saath main thi to maine hjerk off nahin kar paya; usne mujhe pucha ki aapko ye dekhne main maja aata hai…maine kahan “haan, bahut maja aata haio aur maine uskop bataya ki mere pass- 100 alag-alag type ki porn videos hain” …

Phir maine usko pucha ki tumhe maja aaya ki nahin to wo boli ki” Haan, acchi lagi, aur main aur bhi dekhna chahungi” ; maine usko bola abhi raat ho gayi ; so jaate hain. Phir kabhi dekhenge. Wo maan gayi aur hum sone chale gaye.Subah jab hum uthe to wife jaldi main thi ; main aur ritika tv dekh rahe the; wife ne mujhe ritkia ke saamne bola ki “Ritika ko coffee pila dena” ; to main ekdum se bola ki ” Haan, bilkul, vaise bhi Ritika ne bataya ki usko coffee flavour pasand hai” aur maine Ritika ko aankh maar di. Meri wife kuch samajh nahin paayi aur chalo gayi.

Uske baad main aur meri saali ghar par akele the; maine usko pucha coffee piyogi; to wo samajh gayi ki main kya pooch raha hun.Usne bola ki “try kar sakti hun” ; main samajh gaya ki wo bhi interested hai. Main turant bedroom main gaya aur coffee flavoured condom nikal kar pehen liya…aur chadar ke andar bistar par letkar usko aawaaj di ki ” coffee ready hai”; but sharmate huye aayi ; aur boli ki dikhao; maine chadar hataya; aur mujhe dekhar thoda sharma gayi; but phir aakar boli ki use pina hia coffee; aur usne mera lund muh main le liya.

Aur dhire-dhire usko chusne lagi; maine bhi uske sir par haat rakhar usko lund par upar-neeche karne laga. Wo exite hot ja rahi thi; maine uski t-shirt main peeth ki tarf se haath daala; aur uski chikni peeth par haath malne laga; wo excite hot ja rahi thi; phir maine uski bra ka hook khol diya; tab wo ekdum se boli ki “Jijum kya kar rahe ho” ; to maine bola are coffee ke liye doodh bhi to lagega; wo hansi aur boli ki “Jiju, aap bahut smart ho aur mujhe phansa rahe ho” maine bola are ab hume milkar hi coffee banani padegi. Phir maine uski t-shirt utart di; aur uske boobs ekdum se bahar aa gaye; usne push-up bra hi pehni thi;

To maine uska hook phir se laga dkiya to wo boli ki “Kyon Jiju, doodh nahin chahiye kya” ; to maine kaha; ki mujhe to pehle cleavage aur push up boobs a deedar karne do thodi der; to hanse lagi aur boli ki “Kyon didi kuch dikhati nahin hai kya” ; to maine bola are tumhari didi; sab kuch andhere main hi karne deti hai..

To wo hansne lagi. Maine usko bola ki coffee piti raho nahin to thandi ho jaygei; to wo samajh gayi aur mera lund phir se chusne lagi. Phir main usko bra khol kar uske boobs ko free kiya; aur jor jor se dabane laga..wo aawaj nikalne lagi “Uye…. Jiju thoda aaram se nahin to doodh fat jayge” ..phir main samjah gaya ki ab Ritika open ho gayi hai aur enjoy kar rahi hai. Maine usko bola ki maja aa raha hai to wo boli ki “haan bahut accha lag rah hai” ; maine usko bola 69 pata hai; to wo boli nahin. to maine usko bola ki panty utaro to wo woli nahin; maine kaha are tumne mujhe nanga dekh liya to ab main bhi tumhe dekhunga. To usne utar di; phir maine usko 69 samjhaya to wo bahut excite ho gayi;

Phir hum 69 position main ek dusre ko oral plearuere dete rahe… wo ekdum aaaa….aa……..aahh…….aur chato…….jor se chato………jaldi-jaldi chato…..bolene lagi…maine speed bada di aur uska orgasm ho gaya….. so ekdum se mere upar let gayi..aur boli ki Jiju aaj to maja aa gaya coffee main… maine bola ki ab thoda juice pina padega…to wo samjhi nahin….maine usko bola ki amuh kholo…aur phir maine muth maarte huye apna pura cum usko muh main daal diya….usko wo bahut accha laga. Itne main humne ghadi dekhi to meri wife ke aane ka time hone wala tha ; phir jald-jaldi humne kapde pehen liye.. aur tv dekhne lage..

Meri wife aayi to usne meri saali se pucha ki jiju ne kais coffee pilayi… to meri saali mujhe aankh maarte huye boli ki ” har hafte ab to main jiju ke haath ki coffee pine aaongi” …meri wife bahut khush hui..aur boli accha hai isi bahana tu har hafte ghar aayegi..

iske aage bhi bhahut kuch hai…kyonki meri biwi mayke bhi to jaati hi… aur us time bhi maine aur meri saali ne bahut maje kiye….wo main next story main likhunga

ki kaise meri saali uski ek roommate ko bhi coffee pilane ghar laayi….

All – this is my first story ; if this is published and it made you to jerk off; then request you to provide rating/comment/feedback; as it will inspire me to write more of such stories. thank you.

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