Sex With Mami :: 2016 Rishton Mein Chudai

These r real incidents I may not remember entire events correctly but the story is real. It is up to you to believe it or not.

Now coming to what happened next

I took my mami and lifted her in arms thrown her on the bed.made her naked.what a boobs those would make any one to just forget entire world n make them slaves to suck those boobs.I undressed my self.I took her boobs n started to press them hard.she started to moan”gattiga inka gattiga na donga moguda”(common press them hard my secret husband)n used some abusive words n I got hornier listening to abusive words from her.with her words I started to pinch her nipples n took her right nipple n started to suck it.pressed her left boob hard with my right hand.she started to moan loud I had to close her mouth with my hand so that my parents in other room would not hear her moans.i stuffed her mouth with a cloth.I played with her boobs for a long time pressing them sucked them hard and the cloth in her mouth muffled the sounds of her moans.

I started to kiss her on lips chewed her lower lip n sucked her lip this made her horny.I can clearly see the lust in her eyes.I smooched her for a long time drank her saliva it was as sweet as nectar.our tongues battled for a long time.she was very active in kissing n dominated the entire session.

I slowly moved from her lips to neck ,cleavage ,navel.I reached the sacred was like a bush.I asked her if she likes to shave her pubic area.she asked me if I like shaved.I said yes.

I took her to the bathroom.applied shaving cream to her pubic area.took a razor cleanly shaved her.I lifted her pushed her on bed.started licking her pussy lips.she again started to moan hard.I pushed a cloth in her mouth.

I licked her clitoris which made her to jump.she asked me to slow down as this is her first time someone is licking her pussy.I extended my arms n started to press her boobs while licking her pussy .she started to tremble.I really enjoyed licking her pussy.I played with her clitoris for a long time.I took my one hand from her boob and inserted two fingers in to her pussy while chewing her pussy lips.she jerked n liquid started to flow from her vagina I drank the entire juice it was a different taste but I liked it.

By this time my cock was rock hard.I asked her to lick n suck my dick.first she hesitated to suck it n said “chee dhanini noti lo ela pettukovali” (how can I keep your dick in my mouth)

For that I replied “nenu nee dhanini ela cheekano ala nadhi nuvvu cheeku”(suck my cock how I sucked your pussy).

She hesitatingly took my cock n licked its head.just took cock head in her mouth n sucked it.I was literally in heaven.

She slowly took my entire dick in her mouth n sucked it is her first time her teeth were rubbing against my dick.but I enjoyed it.

I was unable to control and suddenly ejaculated in her mouth.although it is her first time she drank it completely n said”chala baghundhi”( it tasted good).

I again started to lick her boobs pressed other boob with hand.she took my cock in her hand n started to stroke it with her cock again got hard. She said “inka entha sepu na bokkalo neeedhi doorchu.thattukoleka pothunnanu”(hw much time will u waste please enter ur Lund in to my pussy)

I placed her on the bed widened her legs slowly teased her by rubbing the head of my penis over her pussy.she said “lanja kodaka inka entha sepu .aaga lekunna thondharaga doorchu”(u son of a bitch I can’t wait no more.enter me now).I got horny listening to abusive words from her.I took my penis n with one Stroke entered her.she moaned loud I closed her mouth with my mouth n lip locked her so that sound doesn’t come out.

I started to pump hard.she moaned “amma ,ammmmmma,ohhhhhhhhhh,champesavu ra”(ohhhhh you killed me). I slowly increased my speed.she moaned n used abusive words which turned me more horny.I pumped hard for 25 this time she came thrice.I said I’m about to explode.she also said she is having another orgasm n gripped her legs around me I completely released my sperm in your o her.she also climaxed for the fourth time.I slept beside her.she smooched me n said this is best fuck she ever enjoyed.I looked at the watch n it was almost 4:30 am.I played with her boobs for some time.we took shower together n had a quick session on bathroom floor in doggy position.

The sex session continued the next day when my parents left for a marriage of my dads colleague’s daughter.we enjoyed a lot in different positions. Every month she used to come to tirupati in pretext of check up with doctor for infertility n we used to have sex for whole nights.this continued for few months when I heard the good news from doctor that my mami is pregnant now.everyone thinks the father of the child is my mama.but only me n my mami know the truth about who the real father is.

I hope u enjoyed the story.sorry for any spell mistakes. Thank you for reading my story.

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