Sister Spreads Her Legs :: 2016 Rishton Mein Chudai

A few months back, one day, I was feeling horny, with vague desire to have fun with an old woman, a really mature woman. I was wondering where to look for one, as I was away from my native place. I searched my memories of all the mature women I know of.

First I thought of a close friend’s mother, whom I had fucked, when I was regular visitor to her house, years back. I came to know that she is not in Kerala and is with her daughter in Bhopal. So that was not an option. Then my search stopped at my Brother in law’s sister, who is not married. Yes, that was an ideal choice for a mature woman to meet my wild desire. There was a reason for my zeroing in on her, an incident that took place again, years back. It goes like this-

was very young then. I was preparing to go to Sabarimala, the famous temple in Kerala. It is a practice to take “Vrutha”for forty one days, abstaining from sex, alcohol, smoking, non-vegetarian food etc prior to going to that temple for 41 days. After observing that, I started my journey to Sabarimala Temple. WE were going in car. With me was my brother in law, his sister and one friend of hers.

Only women who have reached menopause and girls before puberty are allowed in the temple. So I knew that brother in law’s sister has reached menopause. She was a dark woman, with heavy big breasts and she used to move freely with me. She was not married, I don’t know why. But she was an attractive lady with all assts a man looks for in a woman, to fuck., a tempting specimen of sex

We finished the darsan and started our return journey. It was dark when we started back. I was sitting in the back seat, next to me was she and next to her was her friend. My brother in law sat in the front seat.

I was really horny after forty-one days without jerking my dick. We started to sleep, sitting and car was speeding with it’s head light piercing the darkness. Sometime in journey I opened my eyes as in my right I felt something heavy. I found that all were dozing.

I found that it was her heavy boobs that was resting on my out stretched right hand. I don’s remember my stretching my hand, I might have done it in my sleep. I found she was also sleeping, bowing down to the front, thus pacing her big breasts in my hands. I did not what to do, as I had still under Vritha, till I reach home.

But I was getting horny, with her boobs in my hands. I slowly pressed the boobs and there was no reaction from her, as she was still sleeping. Then I decided to take my hands off and I slowly tried to remove my hand. It was not possible without waking her up, as the breasts were heavily pressed on my hand. I left it there and went back to sleep, enjoying the feel of the full breasts of my brother in law’s sister. When I woke up it was early in the morning( a long trip to my house from the temple) and I saw that her breasts were not on my hand, any more.

After we reached home she went to her house, which further away. I completely forgot about the incident as I had many other breasts to take care of at that time.

After a year I came to know that, she was aware of the contact my hand made with her breasts, during that journey. In fact, she had told my sister, ( her brother’s wife) that, I was feeling her breasts, all the time during the journey. This, my sister told my cousin who in turn informed me.

The narration I was feeling her breasts was not correct. I didn’t say anything, as I knew, in matters like this, a woman’s word alone will be believed. But I understood two things, that she was aware of her breasts coming into contact with her breasts, even though pretended to be asleep and she too had sex in her mind.”

This was the reason to select her as my target to meet my need of a mature/ old woman. What narrated above had taken back years back and now she was really a very mature woman, almost old and ideal to fit in dream of granny sex. My brother in law is no more and she was staying alone in her old house.

I went there one evening. It was raining heavily. I deliberately decided to go there in the evening, as it would give an excuse to stay back and it did. She asked to stay back as it was night and raining. I agreed happily.

As she was old, I made a decision to approach her directly. After dinner she showed me my room and sat there in chair for some small talk. I enquired about her life.

“What life I have, what I have is only a missed life.”

“Then why didn’t you get married ?” I asked

She was silent for some time.

“It just happened that way, “she said

“One man lost his luck, a great opportunity,” I said

“What do you mean ‘? she asked, with a smile on her face.

“An opportunity to enjoy you, enjoy your beauty and all the feminine charm, which look so irresistible even now, “I said.

“Hey you are making fun of this old woman’ she said

I got up and placed my hands on her shoulder and said.

“No, I mean it, every word of it, Even now I crave for you. And I don’t think it is wrong for a man to like and desire a woman. I still remember our Sabarimala trip, we had long back”, I said deliberately, slipping my hands over her shoulder.

She stood up and I hugged her.

“You are still naughty,” she said.

“I am , I said. Tonight I want everything you have. Your beautiful breasts, you inviting thighs, your beautiful flower hidden between your thighs. I want sleep tonight on top of you.”

“Don’t you see I am old”, she said again.

“Does it matter if I am crazy about you.” I took her hand and placed it on my erect dick, which was under my dhothi. As I was not wearing an under wear, she could feel my rigid cock well. I dropped my dhothi on floor standing completely naked before her.

She arranged her almost grey hair with the other hand and then gripped my penis with both hands. She was still in her saree and blouse.

“This cock was waiting for you all these years, waiting to dive into your pussy,” I said

I stood behind her and pressed my erection against her. She was enjoying it I knew.

“I did not know that, my boy, “she said. “Then why didn’t you come to fuck this old lady, I always wanted to get fucked by you.”

“You were always in my mind, I have jerked many times imagining your cunt,’ I told her. “But why did you tell my sister about my feeling your breasts during that trip,” I asked her.

“We are very close and we discuss all things, even how my brother used to fuck her. I used to enjoy it””, she said. I know everything,” she added.

“Everything “? I was confused

“I know you used fuck you sister and also your mother, you horny guy”, she said.

“Now, show me your boobs,” I asked her.

She, shy like a teenager girl, slowly unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra and dropped it on the floor.

There, before me, were the big boobs, big and firm boobs, of the sister of my brother in law, inviting me to press, fondle, and suck. I opened my mouth and reached for her boobs. The nipples were hard showing that she too was hot.

I removed her saree and underskirt in no time. She dropped her white panties on the floor, simultaneously.

There was my sister in law, fully naked, before me, showing all her charms. I hugged her tightly, as my long dick touched her hairy pussy. We started kissing passionately, as if our naked bodies were glued together.

“Fuck me my boy….fuck me my boy.”. she was uttering as the heat of lust enveloped her.

I made her sit on the cot and spread her thick thighs. Her pussy was big, with fleshy lips, intact like a girl’s. There was lavish growth of hair near the pussy, which I parted to the sides to get clear vision of her cunt.

“Beautiful,” I said.

“Really ? You like it “? she asked.

“Yes chechi “( elder sister ) I said.

I started moving my tongue expertly in her cunt and it was getting moist and warm. She started giving mild moans as licked the cunt again and again. Her eyes were half closed as tasted her pussy and after sometime she shuddered and her body shook in waves and I knew she was enjoying her orgasm.

Then I lied on top of her kissing. Her tongue moved into my mouth for long tongue kiss.

I reversed my position in 69 style and she took my dick in her mouth. I moved my hip up and down with my cock in her mouth, as if fucking a pussy. She was very comfortable with as her mouth was also as big as her pussy.

I was enjoying to the maximum. I was now fucking a really old woman as I fancied, that to the sister of my brother in law. I released my hot load in her mouth which she swallowed fully.

“Why did you wait so long, my boy,” she asked. “Now I don’t know how long I can taste white paste, in my “mouth, she said.

I made her stand before me, with her legs wide apart. She did as I said holding her breasts in her hands, as if offering me her ripe fruits.

Then without my asking she took my penis into her mouth fondling it most lovingly. My cock became erect again in no time and seeing it she climbed on to the cot, standing on all her four, showing her pussy to fuck dog style. It just was an incredible sight. Thick folds of her pussy were inviting my cock to come in again. I directed my dick towards her pussy and closed in. It was tight but the size of her cunt helped my dick to dive in fully. I stated my action of pumping her pussy from behind holding her boobs in my both hands.

AS my cock moved in and out to which she moved her hole, in tandem, we both were reaching heaven, with moans of my sister in law, inspiring me to fuck more and more deep.I let my semen flow into her cunt, at last. As I lied down next to her, she took my cock in her hands and stated licking it for the last drops my semen, remaining there. I loved it.

One day I want you and my sister together. I told her.

“Sister and sister in law together, that’s what my naughty boy wants. Okay,” she agreed.” So you like threesome, “she asked.

“Kissing a pussy while fucking another gives me pleasure,” I said.

“What we, women carry between our thighs, you carry in your mind, bad boy”, she teased me.

As she had worked as teacher, in the nearby govt. school I asked her,” Couldn’t you get a student of yours to fuck you.”

“Oh yes, “she said, “one boy used to come but now he is working in a gulf country”.

“Don’t worry. Now I am here and I am only happy to fill your cunt” .I made her a promise that I would visit her frequently, which I am keeping. I am yet to get the threesome, with her, as planned. I hope it will work out in the near future.

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