Uncle Ne Liya Maza:: 2016 New Sex

This is about the incident that happened between me and my uncle,who is my dad friend and used to visit our home regularly,he is like a family friend.Uncle is handsome and strong person around 35 age,he is a single unmarried guy used to stay with his mom,he always was not interested in marriage.

Uncle often visits our home at least 2 times in a week and used to have dinner with us.He is a very close friend to our family that even he used to accompany us for tours in holidays and parties.As i have grownup in front of him and know him since my childhood i was pretty close to him.whenever i need anything,i used to take his help in convincing my dad.He is more like a friend to me than a uncle.I know him since my childhood and was close to him,when ever he used to visit my home he used to hug me and make me sit in his lap and chit chat with me,as he is a family friend since my childhood it was common for me to sit in his lap in front of my mom n dad and they never mind it.

Uncle and me used to kiss each other cheeks as a way of greeting and affection on each other when ever we meet.Uncle always used to praise me that i look so beautiful like a Angel.Uncle also pinch my cheeks and sometimes used to slap my ass in a friendly way when no one is around.


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Coming to the Incident this happened when my boyfriend left for a 6 month training to another city so we used to talk on phones during night times only.two months have gone and i was feeling very lonely,as me n bf used to enjoy sex at least 2 times in a week but now i had to satisfy only through phone sex and fingering during nights.I was getting more n more desperate as i already had the experience of Gang Bang on my birthday with BF and his friends,so i was feeling too horny for real sex,even my bf was feeling the same but couldnt help as its important for him to attend the training.

Once while talking with my bf in phone during night,he suggested me to go for a trip with my family so that i’ll get fresh and feel better.So next day while having lunch uncle has also visited our home,and we all were having lunch together,and i started the topic of trip and was asking my parents about it but they denied and then again uncle give me favor and he request my dad about it and after lot of persuasion they agreed for a one week trip and dad invite uncle also for trip and we start discussing about the place.Uncle suggested that we can visit shimla as he has his farmhouse over there and we can stay there.so the trip was finalised and we were ready to leave to shimla after 2 days.

We started from Delhi to shimla early morning in car and reached till night to uncle farmhouse there due to long journey everyone was tired so we had dinner and slept.next morning we got ready and went some places but due to the climate of shimla my mom got fever and we return to farmhouse and we were worried about mom.dad was thinking to move back to delhi so that mom gets well soon,and i was very disappointed about it.seeing my disappointment in my face dad suggested that i can stay there in shimla along with uncle as many days i can,and he said uncle will take care of me. then Mom n dad both left to Delhi the same day evening.

After my parents left in the evening i was feeling bit sad,and me n uncle were sitting in sofa,seeing my mood uncle hugged me and said not to worry then uncle hug me n kiss me with more of passion than affection.he made me sit in his lap and was talking to me.

I was wearing mini skirt and top at that time,slowly after sometime uncle kept his hand on my thighs and started caressing my thighs slowly,it was new side of him for me,as he was doing this for 1st time,previously i used to sit in his lap but he never did this to me.I was feeling different by the change in uncle nature,also was feeling happy as i am getting touched by a male after 2 months,so i was silent and didnt stop him.Seeing no reaction from me uncle got more bolder and was slowly moving his hands much inside n was touching the edges of my panty,i was getting horny now due to touches of uncle but he was talking to me in a normal regular manner.due to his caressing of my thighs and touching my panty got wet.

Suddenly uncle gave me a shock which i havent even dreamt of,he suddenly hold my panty and removed it,i was wearing a black panty that time, after removing my panty i was in a shock due to unexpected action of uncle.This is the conversation that happened between me and uncle after that

Me: yeh aapne kya kiya?
Uncle: Kuch nahi bas i was teasing u….
Me: bt uncle aap ne toh mera panty utardiya hai
Uncle: dnt wry,maine toh tumhe bachpan se dekha hai,n maine tumhe nude bhi dekh chuka hu,so sharmao mat.
Me : i didnt expect this uncle,im feeling shy
Uncle : we are on a holiday dear,u can be free and wear anything u want and also be without inners,as hum dono ne hi ghar pe and mein tumhe childhood
se dekhte aa raha hu,shy feel mat hona….

Me : hmmm…tik hai uncle…(as i was feeling horny and wanted to know the intentions of uncle i also decied to play with him).
Uncle : anyways black is my favourite color and i like ur panty….
Me : Uncle u r too much…
Uncle : chalo ab ready hojao,hum ghume jate hai and dinner bhi bahar karenge kisi restaurant mein………
Me : ok uncle,thats a good idea…..mein ready hoti hu…
Uncle : anyways tum ghumne bina inners ke bhi aasakti ho if u wish as maine tumhe free rehne ke liye kaha tha na……with a naughty smile..
Me : i will see…

I left to my room and was getting ready and was thinking about uncle’s change in behaviour….i was thinking to play along with uncle as after many days im getting cosy with a male n that too with my uncle whom i know from childhood…so no harm in it….as it was evening time i thought y not give it a try to what uncle said about being without inners..finally i wore a knee length frock without inners and got ready and came back to hall,uncle was already ready n waiting for me.He wore a Jeans and a Tshirt.Uncle looked at me and asked me

Üncle : kya socha hai tumne uske baare mein??
Me : kiske baare mein….
Uncle : wahi abt being without inners…
Me : aap mujhe toh mujhe itna scan kar rahe ho na,aapko pata honi chahiye…
Uncle : woh toh jab acha pata chalega achese tumhare movements se jab tum walk karoge mere saath….
Me : chalo phir walk karte hai….ghumne jate hai…

We both started to walk along the streets….uncle was holding my hand while walking…suddenly uncle put his hand over my waist and was walking with me as if im his GF…as he put his hand on my waist he slightly pinched me there and said

Uncle : kaise lag raha hai…
Me : kya?
Uncle : bina inners pehne ghumna…..
Me : acha lag raha hai,bahut hawa lag rahi hai….
Uncle : kaha…….
Me : hmmm….kuch nahi……

As we were walking on the streets people were looking at us as uncle was holding my waist n hand they may have felt that we r married couple are lovebirds.we now decided to have dinner and reached a restaurant had dinner and started walking back to our place.

After reaching our place me and uncle entered my room and laid on bed chatting and relaxing.Uncle and me were facing and looking each other as i was wearing a frock without inners it reached above my thighs just covering only my ass n pussy.seeing this uncle might have felt hot,he moved closer to me and hugged me tight.Uncle started to caress my back hugging me and i was feeling his hot breath on my neck.I also started feeling too horny by tight hug of uncle and caressing of my back.

I was thinking in my mind that uncle has made up his mind to seduce me and fuck me.I was expecting more from uncle,but suddenly uncle left the hug moved from bed and started leaving to his room.

I was feeling bit shocked as i was expecting fuck from uncle bt he started leaving the room making me horny with his actions.

Me : kya hua?
Uncle : kuch nahi,mujhe neend aa rahi hai,sone ja raha hu apne room mein….
Me : aap yahi pe mere room mein so jao na,mujhe akeli sone mein dar lagta hai,as yeh place new hai mere liye. (as i was too horny i didn’t want to loose the chance of having sex tonight)..
Uncle : hmm,tik hai,phir mein yahi so jaunga….

Me : hmm,we can sleep on my bed,its sufficient for us both.( i think uncle just acted as if he wanna sleep in his room alone just to check my reaction as just by asking one time he agreed to sleep in same room,it was all his plan)…

Then again uncle came back on bed and by looking into my eyes in a passionate way held me and started smooching my lips,i didn’t respond to him as i wanted to see to what extent he can make his moves to seduce me.Seeing no response from me uncle started smooching me like a hungry man and started rubbing my back and pressing my ass cheeks.As i was trying hard to resist from his smooch i couldn’t control more and started responding to him in horny way as i was without sex since 2 months and this was a new experience for me with my uncle.

Seeing my response uncle ne mera frock phaddiya,as i was without inners mein pehli baar uncle ke saamne nangi hogayi thi……meri nude body dekhke uncle aur horny hogaye aur mere boobs ko bahut buri tarike se press karne lage…mujhe pain ho raha tha uncle ki pressing ki wajah se,bt i couldn’t say him anything as i was fully horny and hungry for sex……..i was prepared fully to get fucked by him while night.Uncle also removed his dress and got nude,mein uncle ki lund dekhne ke liye eagerly wait kar rahi thi,Jab uncle ne unka underwear utara toh unka 8 inch mota aur lamba black lund dekhke mein shock hogayi aur andar se bahut khush hogayi ki aaj raat mujhe bahut maza milne wala hai unki lund se…

Uncle nude hone ke baad meri right boob ko chusne lage aur dusri haath se meri chut pe unke haath se rub karne lage…..uncle ki is action se mein bahut wet hogayi….aur mein moan karne lagi….uncle ne mera right boob ko suck karne ke baad meri left boob ko chusna shuru kiya and meri right boob ko press aur nipple ko pinch karne lage..aur meri left boob ki nipple ko unke teeth ke beech mein leke bite karne lage,mein unki yeh action se mein ahhhhh mmm ouchhh moan karne lagi zor zor se….meri moanings sunke uncle aur jyada horny hone lage,mujhe pasand aa raha tha jaise uncle roughly meri body ko handle kar rahe the,as i was feeling lips and teeth on my body after 2 months,i was enjoying to the core…uncle ki sucking aur biting ke wajah se mein uncontrollable ho rahi thi,phir maine uncle ki lund ko haath mein leke press karne lagi,it was hot like a iron rod.Uncle mera haath unke lund pe se hataya aur mere chut pe rub karne lage….uncle unki dick head ko mere clit pe rub karne lage..aur mera body shiver hone laga uncle ki rubbing se……mujhe toh bahut jyada maza aa raha tha…

Phir uncle ne suddenly ek hi push mein unka lund meri chut mein daaldiya…mein toh chillane lagi lund chut ke andar ghuste hai…….2 months ke baad lund andar jane se thoda dard bhi ho raha tha,as uncle ka lund mota aur lamba hai…….mujhe dard se jyada maza aa raha tha..uncle phir mujhe chodne lage…..saara ka saara lund chut mein ghusake chodrahe the….mujhe aisa lag raha tha ki uncle mujhe kisi randi ke jaise imagine karke chodrahe the jaise randi ko hourly basis pe laya ho……

Mein uncle ki chudai ko bahut enjoy kar rahi thi aur chillati rahi,uncle ka lund piston ke jaisa meri chut mein andar bahar jaane laga,aur chodte chodte uncle mujhe smooch aur boobs ko suck karne lage,mein ab jyada control nahi karpayi and i reached my orgasm…my pussy was holding his penis tight due to contraction of muscles during my orgasm and uncle felt the tightness of my pussy..uncle started giving deep jerks and uncle ne lund chut mein se nikala aur meri stomach pe unka juice giraya.

Unlce ka cum release hone ke baad woh mere upar sogaye aur dono ke nude bodies sweat se bhargaye the…mein bathroom gayi aur clean karke aayi,aur uncle ke upar sogayi,mere wapas aate hi uncle mere hair ko tightly pakadke unke face ke paas laya aur smooch karne lage……uncle bolne lage ki mujhe chodke bahut maza aaya par satisfy nahi hopaye woh as bahut kuch karna baaki tha….

Phir uncle ne kaha ki unhe meri chut ko taste karna hai….aur mujhe unke face pe baitne ke liye kaha..mein uncle ke muh pe chut rakhke baitgayi…..aur uncle meri chut ko chatne lage…woh mere chut ko kiss bhi kar rahe the aur chut ki lips ko bite kar rahe the……..mein jump karne lage uncle ki wild licking ke wajah se…..phir uncle ne kaha ki 69 karenge…….hum dono 69 mein aagaye…..aur meri chut ke lips ko open karke andar unka tongue daalke lick karne lage……uncle bol rahe the ki meri chut ko bachpan se dekhrahe hai woh,bt kabhi nahi socha ki yeh chut itni tasty hogi…

Phir mein uncle ki lund lo chusne lagi,mein uncle lund ko apne tongue ice cream ke jaise lick karne lagi aur balls ko haath se feel kar rahi thi……uncle ka lund jaldi hi phirse khada hogaya,maine lund ka preskin ko niche kiya aur unki dick head ko tongue se circle karne lagi….meri is action se uncle ko bahut maza aa raha tha aur woh meri clit ko unke teeth se bite karne lage…….

Phir maine unka saara lund muh se liya aur chusne lagi as if sucking lollipop….uncle was fucking my mouth by giving strokes……making me gag…uncle phir meri gand ko lick karne lage,unhone meri asscheeks ko widely spread kiya aur gand mein ungli karne lage aur ungli ko unke saliva se wet karke gand mein ungli karne lage…uncle ne kaha ki unki lund ko meri saliva se wet karne ke liya,aur woh meri gand mein tongue daalne ki koshisk kar rahe the bt sirf unka tongue ka edge meri gand mein ghusraha tha,woh meri gand mein 2 ungli daalke unki saliva se wet kiya aur mujhe doggy style aane kaha,mein samajhgayi ki uncle meri gand marwane wale hai….maine uncle se kaha ki gand marne se dard hoga mujhe….

Phir uncle ne kaha ki ‘chup saali randi….jab chut marwarahi toh bahut maze le rahi thi aur ab dard ki baat kar rahi hai……tu aaj raat ke liye meri randi hai……..aur mein tujhe randi ke jaise chodunga…….’

Mein thoda shock hogayi ki uncle ke muh se maine kabhi aise baatein nahi suni…..ab hum dono itne horny the ki sab kuch acha lag raha tha…mein doggy ki position mein aa gayi,uncle meri gand ki karke spit karne lage gand ki hole pe aur uncle lund pe….aur lund ko hole pe lagaya aur push kiya….pehle push mein unka dick head hi andar gaya tha….aur mujhe bahut dard ho raha tha unki mote lund se……

Phir uncle ne mere boobs ko pakadliya nichese aur press karne lage….press karte karte unhone saara lund gand mein ghusadiya….dard se meri aankh mein pani aa gaye…….uncle bina gap dete huye gand ko chodna shuru kiya……mein dard se chillrahi thi……bolrahi thi ki uncle nikalo….please dheere se karo…..bahut dard ho raha hai…….uncle meri baton ko ignore karte huye chodne lage…….aur meri nipples ko pinch kar rahe the jaise koi screw karte ho……thodi der baad mujhe bhi maza aane laga…….aur mein moan kar rahi thi…”chodo mujhe…………aur chodo………zor zorse chodna……….madarchod……..” uncle meri yeh baat sunke josh mein aagaye aur speed increase kiya aur ass pe slap karne lage zor se….bahut zor se woh ass pe slap kar rahe the aur bol rahe the ki”le randi……..aur le meri lund ko gand mein………randi……chudakkad randi……..’’hum dono ke body touching se “pach pach pach awaaz aa raha tha……..aur uncle slap bhi kar rahe the gand pe’mujhe bahut maza aa raha tha……uncle chodte chodte mere gand mein hi unka juice nikaldiya……..aur unhone mujhe bed pe sulaya aur chut mein 3 ungli daalke rub karne lage as wahan pe climate cold tha aur uncle ke rubbing ke wajah se maine bed pe hi pee kardi…….

Mein bahut tired hogayi thi,aur bed pe relax horahi thi……mein ab samajhgayi ki uncle bhi thak chuke hai………aur ab woh bhi sone wale hai……as mein tired thi slowly slowly neend se mere eyes close ho rahe the…….mere eyes 1 min ke liye neend se close huye the……phir suddenly mujhe ajeeb sa laga…eyes open karke dekha maine toh uncle mujhe neend se utane ke liye mere face pe pee kar rahe the…..mein bed pe se utne try kar rahi thi,phir uncle ne meri face ko pakadliya aur tight slap kiya aur bole “ruk randi kaha ja rahi hai…….aur mere face pe aur mouth pe pee karne lage aur hasne lage….bole ki mein tujhe saari raat chodunga randi……..bhulgayi kya tu aaj raat ke liye meri randi hai….”pee karne ke baad uncle mere face pe slap karne lage aur muh mein lund ghusaya aur mere face ko chodrahe the….unka lund semi erect tha……

Phir bhi woh saara andar muh mein daalne try kar rahe the aur slap karte karte cheeks pe muh mein chod rahe the…..muh mein lund ke wajah se mujhe chillane bhi chance nahi tha……..phir 10min chodne ke baad unka lund khada hogaya…….woh bed pe letgaye aur bole ki mein unki lund pe baitke ride karu…….mujhe bhi neend bhi aa rahi thi…..par uncle mere face ko slap kar rahe the so that i dnt sleep………ab mere paas koi option nahi tha,aur mein unki lund ko mere chut mein leke ride karne lagi…..as i was tired i wasn’t able to ride him properly,he was giving strokes from down,n slapping my face and boobs….and abusing me……..mein ab puri tarah thak chuki thi…….uncle samajhgaye ki ab mere se nahi hoga….mein uncle se request karne lage ki mujhe rest chahiye….woh bole ki randi mein ek condition pe teri chudaai stop karunga……

Maine kaha tha ki mein woh jo bhi kahenge woh karne ready hu….uncle ne chodna stop kiya aur kehne lage ki randi tu aaj se meri randi banke rahegi…..mein job hi kahunga tujhe karna padega…..mein bed pe let gayi…aur uncle mere face pe paas aagaye aur lund hilane ke liye kaha……..mein bahut buri tarah se thak gayi thi aur as soon as possible sona chahti thi,maine phir uncle ka lund muh mein leke chusne lage so that if he cum soon i can sleep,maine mere saara tongue skill use karke lund chusne lagi…..uncle phir mere hair pakadke chodne lage lund muh mein aur chodte chodte muh mein hi cum kiya….aur unka cum drink karwaya………

Ab mein sone ready hogayi……..uncle ne kaha “randi as tune aaj sex beech mein stop kiya tujhe kal punishment dene wala hu,achese rest lena randi kal tujhe bahut mehnat karna padega”,as i was too much tired..i didn’t care much about his words and slept……….next day till i wokeup around 11 in the morning mera punishment ready tha which was exciting one…

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